Christopher Jarrett has been expressing diverse ideas through performance, writing, photography and working on canvas and other surfaces with a variety of mediums for over four decades.

He began sketching in 1969 while serving as an air traffic controller with the US Army in Soc Trang, Vietnam, as a process to explore and give form to thoughts on the physical and psychological traumas of war. When he returned to the United States his primary focus for many years was experimental theater and the professional stage and over the ensuing decade he went on to study and work in Europe and North America with Nikos Psacharopoulos, Carlo Mezzoni-Clementi, Yas Hakshima, Joan Merwin, Jim Donlon, Charlie Oates and others. Throughout this period he continued to use drawing as a tool to describe, animate and give form to observations on the human experience, especially in the context of conflict, communion, order and chaos, beauty and the absence of beauty.

Mr. Jarrett made an abrupt departure from the theater life in 1986 to pursue and give constancy to an evolving passion for painting and he spent significant time in Brussels, Paris and London in the late eighties studying, developing relationships and experimenting with various technologies while seeking to establish a personal methodology, a personal expressive style. A quarter century later he continues to travel frequently throughout the world seeking fresh sources of insight and inspiration.

Although Mr. Jarrett has used landscape and figurative subjects on occasion as vehicles to explore how we perceive the natural world, his primary interest at present is how do we perceive our inner nature in juxtaposition to our socio-political context and environment.

Mr. Jarrett makes use of whatever tools best suit his purpose for an individual project. This would include the use of oils, acrylics, various types of marble dust plaster, ink, raw pigment, charcoal, graphite, fabrics, found materials. Many of his pieces are heavily textured, while others are created using multiple, quite thin, overlapping layers. The works are generally created on canvas, paper, wood, metal, plastic and glass surfaces.

Christopher Jarrett lives with his wife, Eve Robin Jarrett, in Greenport, NY, on the eastern end of Long Island where he has maintained his studios for the past 23 years.

Christopher and Eve have a son, Soren, and daughter-in-law, Nao, who reside in Tokyo, Japan. Soren has had a significant influence on his father's work over the past decade.